Let’s talk woman to woman...

When we were younger our hormones made us feel sexy. Then somehow along the way it seems as if our hormones have started to work against us. In my many years as a professional Thyroid Therapist, I have seen my clients go from scared to relaxed to happy when they get the right treatment. I want to provide this gift to you through my THRIVE membership.

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Do you face any of these common problems?

  • You’ve got those 5 extra pounds that won’t budge

  • You’re finding strands of hair on your sheets in the morning

  • Your sex drive is hitting an all time low.

  • You’re ready for a change and looking for clarity.

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Learn how to keep your hormones in harmony over the long term.


Learn what works when it comes to supporting your hormones naturally.


Integrate what feels good to you and learn exercises that you can practice in the comfort of your own home.


Rest is magic medicine. Learn tips to help you drift off to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.


When we approach ourselves with deep love and respect, change can come effortlessly. 


Try some new things and have your food work for you rather than against you.


What do THRIVE members get?

  • Instant access to all online thyroid programs (Master Your Hormones, etc.)
  • Exclusive member access to our online community
  • Live Q&A for members only
  • Special member challenges
  • Exclusive discounts on supplements from the online pharmacy
  • Professional advice in a cost effective solution ($35 per month)

Become a member today!

The Thrive Membership is an on-demand program designed for women like you who are ready to understand exactly how to support their hormones in order to live a happier and fulfilled life.

Since I’ve been coming to see Kristin my period has changed dramatically. It’s much fuller, less clots and more on time. I’m proud to say, my cycle is so much healthier.
— Rosa D, Boulder
Kristin - I just wanted to let you know that I just got my period yesterday!!!! After 7 months and a half of no period... it finally returned yesterday, I’m sooooo happy!!
— Mayren, California