Ep. 19 - The body is an integrated whole

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard this said before: The body is an integrated whole.

When we have an issue or a challenge somewhere in the body- it’s quite easy and understandable to want to focus on that problem. At times, the hurt area is all we can see. That’s true whether we’re talking about our thyroid or if we’re talking about an injured arm.

However, for both scenarios the body still operates as an integrated whole- one part affecting a myriad of other parts.

When dreaming up a conversation around this topic, I knew Laura a Inbody of Kaiut Yoga Broomfield would have interesting insights to share with you. Take a listen- I think you’ll be quite surprised.

Hear how Laura sees how the body is an integrated whole- and what naturally emerged from her body as a result of her Kaiut Yoga practice.

For those of us with thyroid issues- we know the often complex relationships that can come out of a challenged endocrine system. Yet, how often do we view our hormones as a network with a relationship to our whole body?

Yes- your thyroid doesn’t operate in a vacuum, yet most people like the idea of isolating and controlling how they approach the endocrine system often with very little result.

If you’re ready to dive in and explore a more wholistic approach to supporting your thyroid- schedule a session here. I’m happy to work with you in person or via skype/facetime.

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