Ep. 21 - Positive Relationship to Food

Wow, hard to believe that November is already knocking at our door!

Lots of us are already planning ahead and getting excited about the upcoming holidays. With these holidays are right around the corner, now is the time to dig deep, take a breath, and begin to explore your foundation.

Foundations are incredibly important at this time of year. When schedules start speeding up, it’s vital to have something to fall back on.

I had the opportunity to talk with my long-time friend and colleague Sue Van Raes of bouldernutrition.com. Sue has been a pioneer in the women’s health field especially in regards to positive relationship around food.

In this podcast Sue and I have fun chatting as we both drop several golden insights throughout to help you on your way to creating a more beneficial relationship to food.

By the end of the podcast both Sue and I realized that we hit on some of her top foundational approaches for her Boulder Nutrition clients.

We dive deep and I think you’re going to really like this episode. Enjoy!

If you’re ready to dive in and explore a more wholistic approach to supporting your thyroid, schedule a session here. I’m happy to work with you in person or via skype/facetime.

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