Ep. 20 - Morning Momentum

One thing that can help all of us in creating the health that we want is learning how to start the day off right.

I’ve known my guest Cheri Ruskus of Business Victories for well over four years now. She’s a business coach and super savvy in helping small business owners achieve their dreams. If you are in need of a business coach, learn more about her program at: www.businessvictories.com

While she inspires daily on the biz front, Cheri has remained protective of her morning ritual time. Seriously folks, when I say protective of this time, I mean it.

In the course of my knowing Cheri she has never skipped a beat whether traveling or feeling overwhelmed. She uses this time, in fact, as a way to anchor her day.

I find that most women with hormonal issues have such a hard time getting started that often times, they’re starting their day on “loose footing.” Take a listen to our conversation as Cheri share’s her process and also gives quite a few ideas to get you going with your own morning intentions.

Regardless of our health aspirations, taking a step towards visualizing the kind of day we want to create can only bring us closer towards our goals. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here’s to taking the next step,

If you’re ready to dive in and explore a more wholistic approach to supporting your thyroid- schedule a session here. I’m happy to work with you in person or via skype/facetime.

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