Ep. 22 - What is the best type of birth control?

Wow, it's crazy how fast a whole year can fly by! While everyone is gearing up for the holidays, I found myself going through old pictures and notes from the year. While looking at family photos I also took the time to go through client notes.

Sifting through the files, one question kept popping up over this past year...

Again and again, most women want to know, “what is the best type of birth control for me?”

While this question isn’t the easiest to answer because birth control isn’t a one-size-fits-all, there are a couple parameters that are worth being aware of.

Because a woman’s needs change throughout the stages of our lives, sometimes it’s necessary for our birth control plan to change as well. Take a listen here, I think you’re going to find some valuable nuggets that might help you in your birth control questions.

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