This second video goes over supplementation. Originally, I was going to give you this video as your last piece of information, but then I decided that it would be even better to give it to you first. This video is loaded with the down and dirty on what works when it comes to supporting your hormones naturally. If the information presented in this video makes sense to you, and you’d like to follow-up with a personal program, then email me at



Nutrition just happens to be one of those subjects that we all get attached too. Most of us identify ourselves by what we can and cannot eat. Take a look at the next video- and try the ideas that feel best to you. I’ve included recipe handouts so that you can try some new things and have your food work for you rather than against you.



Before you take a look at this week’s video, I’d like to remind you that the endocrine system is made out of 8 glands. Now these glands are fragile. Glands are not dense like bones, they’re almost more of a spongy material. In this way, we must remember that the glands are a bit more delicate and that’s why we might need to pay greater attention to them. Check out this next video on exercise. Some of the ideas might be new to you, just sit with the ideas and integrate what feels good to you.  I’ve included two movement videos that you can practice at home.


Follow up videos

This first practice is 20 minutes long and can be done at home.



This second practice is 10 minutes long.



Rest is magic medicine. It can be particularly frustrating during the perimenopausal years as sleep can be challenging. When hormones start to shift our sleep cycle can take a hit. It doesn’t have to go that way. The next video will give you some tips to try and I’ve also included two practice videos to help you drift off to sleep or you can use the ideas if you have a hard time staying asleep.


Follow Up videos

This first video covers head rotations. You can use these to promote rest before falling asleep. I also use head rotations if I happen to wake in the middle of the night.


Legs Up the Wall is a great way to end a day. Having the legs up the wall allows the blood to settle back into the body. I also included how to perform a uterine massage which is particularly helpful as hormones start to shift.


Self Love

Most of us seek out help because there’s something about ourselves that we don’t like. We don’t like weight gain, we don’t like our wrinkles, we’re uncomfortable with the idea that we’re aging. This can be challenging to wrap our head around this idea, but when we approach ourselves with deep love and respect- change can come effortlessly. Check out this next video on Self Love-  and share your thoughts with me at