Want Thicker Hair and Wrinkle-Free Skin? Try This HOT Drink

Over the last 13 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women with low-functioning thyroid. Want to take a guess what the number one complaint is?

You got it….thin hair, straggly hair, and a heck of a lot less hair.

The comments go something like this:

“My hair keeps falling out in the shower”

or “Kristin, there are literally clumps of hair on my pillow”….

and, finally, “my hair used to be so thick before having kids and now I'm bald!”.

By the way, thinning hair was the first sign that my thyroid was lagging. Up until now- I thought I had to sort of live with the thin hair and aging skin, but I recently stumbled on something that I have. to. share.

It’s a simple hot drink (with one magical ingredient) that is oh-so good. It helps grow thicker, stronger hair and it’ll plump up the skin too.

hair and skin
hair and skin

 What Makes this Drink Work Like Magic?

This hot number has a few things going for it that knocks it out of the park. But it’s got one ingredient that works like magic (spoiler alert: it’s ingredient #4).

1. Dandy Blend Coffee Substitute: Made from roasted dandelion roots, this herbal coffee substitute has full-bodied flavor and gentle detoxifying properties. You can use any coffee substitute, chai tea or even coffee for this drink to work it's magic.

2. (Optional) Egg yolk: We’re talking blood sugar balancing, protein- rich egg yolk. Mind you, I highly recommend using local, pasture raised eggs to get the most nutrients. The egg will cook in the hot water, so don't worry for even a second.

3. Butter: This drink is literally loaded with nutrients, so we’re going to need some healthy fat to stimulate digestion and get the most out of #4.

4. G-E-L-A-T-I-N: The biggest reason for the I-can’t-believe-my-hair-is-thicker magic is gelatin. And I’m not talking about the sugar loaded, pass me something jiggly gelatin. I’m talking about the collagen loaded, high in amino acids, liver detoxifying kind of gelatin.

Gelatin is literally a SUPERFOOD for us low-thyroid types. It’s made from the processing of animal connective tissue and bones to extract collagen [think bone broth in a can]. To top it off, gelatin is loaded with 18 amino acids, many of which are essential- meaning that your body doesn’t make ‘em, so you’ve got to eat ‘em.

Why is This Drink So Helpful for Your Thyroid?

Gelatin has a laundry list of benefits, and some are particularly important for us low-thyroid types. Take a look:

1. Revs Metabolism: Gelatin is particularly high in Arginine and Glycine. Arginine is known to have a metabolism boosting effect, and Glycine has two advantages. First, Glycine helps build muscle and second, glycine converts glucose to energy rather than fat.

2. Strengthens Connective Tissue: Gelatin is essentially cooked down collagen. After the age of 25, our bodies just don’t make connective tissue as effectively as it used to. Gelatin actually stimulates your body to produce more collagen. This is vital for those of us moms over 25 with kids in tow. Gelatin will help tone the skin (and the tummy) by building stronger connective tissue.

3. Detoxifies the Liver: Glycine helps the liver to efficiently remove toxins from the system. This is key for low thyroid types as the liver plays an important role in the conversion of thyroid hormones.

4. Improves Sleep: Clinical studies show that people sleep better when consuming glycine. They report less daytime drowsiness and better cognitive function. Quality sleep is vital to rebuild the adrenals and have a healthy thyroid. I’ve written about the adrenal/thyroid connection before. If you’re looking for more quality rest, check out my most popular article to date right here.

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You’ll find the hair-strengthening-wrinkle-reducing magic below. Now, go get that gelatin and make yourself a hot one.

Here’s to thicker hair, wrinkle-free skin, and all kinds of MAGIC!

~ Kristin

PS. Gelatin Tips: This is the brand of gelatin that I love. The orange can is for hot drinks and the green one can be used in either hot or cold situations. I keep both in my pantry so that I can spike just about anything. Here's a link to the Dandy Blend Tea. XO