Tricky ways to sneak more protein in your breakfast (works for kids, too!)

Momma always said, “Eat your breakfast.”

Oatmeal with stealth eggs- (shhhhhhh)
Oatmeal with stealth eggs- (shhhhhhh)

And she was right.

Breakfast (or breaking the fast) is “the meal” to get the most mojo out of your day.

A balanced breakfast with proteins, high quality fats and slow-burning carbs will do more for

stabilizing your blood sugar and balancing your hormones than just about anything.

Take Kelly for example.

Kelly is a hard working, stay-at-home mom of two girls. She came to see me because her

hotflashes were literally driving her crazy. She’d spike heat on most afternoons and soak her sheets at night.

When she came to see me, we went through her food choices and found that her breakfasts were lacking.

Once the coffee and toast wore off, her body would scream for more fuel.

This started the whole reach for a quick carb snack, give-me-quickie-food now cycle.

She just didn’t have the reserves in her breakfast choice to make it

through till high noon let alone have her stable by the afternoon.

Once she added a more substantial breakfast and increased her protein for her first

meal of the day, she was able to get a better handle on her food choices throughout the day.

And, her hot flashes went away.

Not only that, but her clothes got a little looser and she started sleeping.

Now all this info is well and good for us momma’s. We can wrap our heads around eating

more balanced meals, but what do we do when it comes to our kiddos?

Most kids are known to be picky and difficult eaters. They’ll eat just about anything if it’s sweet. But when it comes to protein and more nutrient dense foods, they tend turn their cheek or have “just a little”.

One study following a group of students found that those kids eating breakfast scored better on cognitive tests- especially ones that included visual tasks.

The researchers even took it one step further. They then observed the same group of kiddos

and compared sugary out-of-the-box cereal to oatmeal.

The oatmeal eaters scored again and won out on test scores.

Here in the United States, eggs tend to be the go-to protein for breakfast. They’re affordable, usually in the fridge, and quick to scramble up. But what if your kids (or you) get tired of the same old scramble?

That’s when you gotta get sneaky… er, creative.

I stir eggs into just about anything.: oatmeal, chai drinks, miso soup, you name it. I’ll even add more eggs than the cookie recipe calls for, adjust the flour (about a ½ cup or so) and add a half a cup arrowroot. Eggs are power!

I have a great recipe for you but first, I’d love to hear your tricks in the comments below. How do you squeeze more protein into your family’s diet? Do you have a go-to breakfast that’s balanced enough to satisfy you—and that your kids gobble up? And, if you’ve got the pickiest kids on the planet, I want to hear about them too.

~ Kristin