Is your thyroid curbing your workout success?

You’ve been putting in the time and showing up for your workouts, but you’re just not seeing the results that you want.

You’re not seeing the tone.

You’re not feeling all that energized and your recovery is in the tank.

While you hate to admit it (because it’s frustrating as all get out), despite all the effort those last 5 pounds are still not budging.

If you’ve been working out 4 plus days a week and you’re not getting the body results that you want, then it might be time take a look at your thyroid and see if your hormones are getting in the way of your "body success".

thrive 101 pic
thrive 101 pic

What the Heck Are Hormones: and what do they have to do with my workout?

Simply put, hormones are chemical messengers.

Hormones carry messages from the glands (where they’re produced) to cells (where they’re used). Hormones are known to be “chemical catalysts” because they tend to initiate chemical reactions.

Every single cell of your human body has hormone receptors so that chemical reactions can be sparked efficiently and effectively.

Quite literally, hormones are the critical players behind every reaction in your human body {think reproduction, heart rate, digestion, muscle breakdown and repair, sleep cycles, even brain function).

High functioning hormones are critical to get the most out of your workout.

Every time you work out, you push your body into a stress state. You’re stressing your system- just a tad- so that your system has the chance to build muscle and tone.

That’s how we get fit over the course of time through a strategized program of breakdown and repair.

In theory this works great, when your glands are functioning and hormones are responding to their feedback systems. But, if your system is lagging, then your workout “breakdown” will not be met with equal repair.

Even though you might be doing everything “right”, your results won’t hold a candle to your efforts.

How does my thyroid fit into this?

Let’s break this down and keep it simple.

Your thyroid is part of a greater system (the endocrine system) that makes and regulates your hormones. There are four big players in your endocrine system: your pituitary, your thyroid, your adrenals and your thyroid.

They all work together, play together and communicate together so that your body can function efficiently.

Your adrenals are your “metabolic engine”; they make the energy for your body to use. So, if you’re fading fast during a workout than you most likely have an adrenal issue as a part of your metabolic picture.

Your thyroid is your “metabolic manager”; it dictates where, how and when your energy is to be spent. So if your recovery post workout is falling to the wayside, then your thyroid is a likely culprit.

What should I be looking for?

If you’ve been spinning your wheels, then you’ll want to know the symptoms associated with a sluggish thyroid. Because hormones are such key players for every single system, symptoms will vary widely from acne to poor digestion.

#1: Irregular cycles: If you’re a gal and you’re noticing irregular cycles, painful periods, mood swings and/or breast tenderness there’s a good chance that your thyroid could use a tune-up.

#2: Temperature regulation: If you’ve got cold hands and feet or you’re noticing that you’re the first person to grab a sweater in the evening, then a sluggish thyroid could be the reason. Poor temperature regulation tends to be related to poor metabolic function and a hormonal imbalance.

#3: Poor sleep: Sleep is critical for a quality repair cycle post workout. If it’s hard for you to fall asleep or stay asleep then your hormones are likely to be compromised and your “metabolic manager” (your thyroid) might not be up to par.

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There’s hope for you!

Listen, I get this story all the time.

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Here’s to your health and happy hormones

~ Kristin

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