Thai Curry Lentils

Two unexpected events happened for me this week.

First, my husband graced me with a “spa” weekend.

Now I said, “unexpected”. So no, I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t book a two-hour massage or get a facial, but I did get loads of downtime. He happily whisked the kids away and I found myself home- alone, for hours!

Second, because of unexpected event #1, I had the chance to dream up my family’s latest favorite lentil recipe.

A few weeks ago we had an amazing dinner over at a friend’s house. She happens to be Thai, so my kiddos had the chance to try the “real” thing. Guess what? They loved it.

So, I got to thinking. I could take these same flavors and use it on some of our old favorites and see what happens.

This past weekend was my chance. I had all the ingredients on hand and no one was calling for momma. I’m calling this fun little dish a winner since my little girl went for thirds and her younger brother finished two whole bowls.

We served our Thai Curried Lentils over a bowl full of garlic greens, but I bet it would be delicious over sweet potato dimes or even a steamy bowl of rice. The only trick in making this dish absolutely perfect, is to think ahead and soak the lentils. No need to soak overnight, even 6 hours for lentils is just right.

~ Kristin