Are Your Kids Driving You CRAZY?

I bet you can relate to this scene. It's 5:00 and you've had a fun day playing with your kiddos. Every one is a little tired and a lot hungry- and that's when it happens. Suddenly- the whole scene falls apart. Kids are crying, toys are flying, and mama bear is ready to pull her hair out.

Yikes! We've all had moments like this, but what does it have to do with hormones?

When we're talking about our own hormonal health, these times can really take the wind out of our sails. You see, hormones like the easy road. Hormones are just like ocean tides. They like to flow in and flow out- with their own smooth rhythm. These upsets- tend to put a damper on our day, and they also put a little wrench into our hormonal cycles.

Now I am no parenting expert, and with two rambunctious kiddos in my life, I have picked up on a few tips that help make my day run smoother.

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!

1. Have Pillow Fights....(every day!)

We all need to blow off steam. Kids- in particular- are holding a heck of a lot in between their parents expectations and school. Unfortunately, when the pressure builds for kids, they tend to let off steam by crying, kicking, screaming, and/or hitting. All the things that we (their parents) just love. Regular pillow fights have been the saving grace for my family. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes, make sure everyone plays safe and have fun! The pillow fight stops when the timer goes off- and yes, I usually have to help with the transition.

2. Be Quiet

When kids get all riled up, words tend to add to the confusion. Stay connected, send them love, and quiet. They just need to discharge some emotions. If someone is getting hurt, tend to the hurt child. Refrain from lecturing the child who is triggered. Hard to do, but it helps. And you can always talk to the triggered child when their emotions blow over.

3. Listen More

Every family I know is busy. Kids have a lot of important things going on in their lives too. And they really want us- their parents- to listen. This doesn't have to happen 24 hours a day- and it needs to happen enough that your child feels heard and respected. So when they come home from school and they want to tell you a story, turn off your phone, get away from your computer- and look them straight in the eyes and have a conversation with them. They will love you forever for this.

These are 3 tips have helped me be a more balanced momma. And when I feel balanced, I feel strong and healthy- and I'm way more in the flow. I'm less stressed- and less stress is just good medicine for any body.

Now it's your turn. Momma's need all the help that we can get on our parenting journey. What is your best parenting tip to handle situations like this? Tell us what's worked or what's left you feel high and dry.

~ Kristin