My Top Thyroid Tip for 2019

Whether you’re hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, you want 2019 to be your best year yet. Imagine how it would feel to finally have more of an understanding of your hormones so that you can enjoy your life again.

Too many of us waste our time following hormone programs that under deliver, drive us down a hormonal quagmire, and cost too much (emotionally as well as financially).

It’s so easy to get seduced and think that this hormone situation is a problem with no solution when in reality, if we follow a simple line of thinking often the body can right itself quite easily.

I know, you’re wondering:

Is this too good to be true?

If it’s so easy, why do top-named health care professionals keep it a secret?

The answer is quite simple. Over the course of time, Western thinking has gotten us to believe that we have to run a whole bunch of diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of most health situations especially when our hormones are involved. We’ve moved away from listening to our bodies to listening to tests. We’ve veered from following simple health guidelines to believing that fancy therapeutics can outsmart the intelligence of our systems.

If you’re serious about getting your thyroid in check and your hormones in better balance for 2019 here’s what you have to do in one simple step:

Start supporting your glands and stop chasing your hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers. The human body produces around 50 different hormones that we currently know of. Any one hormone generally operates on a feedback loop and is interdependent on other hormones.

Hormones are tricky business. When one goes up, one or two other hormones may go down. They work together through a network of glands and organs; constantly recycling, readjusting to maintain a dynamic homeostasis for the body.

Here lies the problem with treating hormones directly.

Hormones work synergistically.

We humans get seduced into thinking that we know and can control what is happening at a deep level in the body. We think testing and directly manipulating those numbers (ie. If estrogen levels are low, supplement estrogen like compounds). This line of thinking tends to lead us down the road of chasing hormones, constantly manipulating and testing, testing, testing. This approach may feel good initially, but very rarely does it work for the long haul.

Rather, let’s learn how to support our glands.

Your body wants to thrive. Your body is far more intelligent than you may think. Even after years of struggle or even under functioning, your body has the capacity to thrive. When we give the glands the support and nutrition that they require then those glands are able to produce the right amount of hormone for your unique needs.

Whether you’re a teenager, a woman wanting to be pregnant, or a woman entering menopause, supporting your glands will help you reach your hormonal goals without over-riding the natural intelligence of your body.

I’d love to be able to leave a link and list off four products that are a must-haves for 2019. Doing that doesn’t feel ethical to me. Too many women tinker with their health without having a clear goal, vision, and understanding of what is happening symptomatically as well as constitutionally.

If 2019 is your year to finally be in charge of your hormones and learn how to care deeply for your body, then take a moment and schedule a session (phone, Skype, or in-person). Let’s work together to reach your hormonal goals; starting with your glands!