It's Liver time!

Spring is here! Can you feel it? I love the change of seasons. It brings a sense of renewal, wonder and anticipation. And right now, I am so looking forward to opening spring windows, smelling spring flowers and soaking up the sunshine.

In Chinese Medicine, spring is all about your liver. Your liver is a big, old workhorse for your body. It’s got over 500 functions- from regulating hormones to filtering blood. It’s a mover and a shaker, and when your liver is not functioning at it’s best it can get really bogged down.

Sometimes, your liver is known to “stagnate”.

Stagnate? Yuck!

How is your liver feeling this spring?
How is your liver feeling this spring?

When your liver “stagnates” it means that it gets stuck, it’s sluggish, it’s having a hard time getting it’s job done.

When your liver gets clogged up it can really feel like a quagmire- physically and emotionally. When it comes to hormones, if your liver is moving on the slow side, then you’re going to have a heap troubles like erratic temperatures, sore breasts, painful periods and sleepless nights.

Because your liver is in charge of so many functions, a lot can go haywire when it’s not at it’s best. Aside from the physical complications, your liver can have a pretty hefty hand in your emotions too. A stagnant liver can make a gal moody or cranky.

So, if you’re feeling yourself a little on edge, or you just want a little more spring in your step, then it might be time to put a little lovin’s into your liver. Here are my top three tips to get your liver moving again.

1. Just a squeeze of lemon in your water will get your liver groovin’. That bitter/sour taste of lemon can help kick your liver into action. Lemon is known to detoxify your body and wake up your system. You don’t need loads. Just a little squeeze in your water will freshen things up and give your liver a little perk.

2. Rub the tops of your feet. The liver meridian begins near the end of your big toe and goes up the top of your foot. There’s a few other meridians that are there too, but often tightness on the top of your feet will relate to your liver.

If your liver is stuck or bogged down, expect the top of your feet to be tight. If your liver is free and clear, then I bet your feet will feel pretty good too. Take a couple of minutes to rub the top of your feet. Working out any soreness will help stimulate your lymph and get your liver cranking.

3. Take a hike. There is nothing like fresh air and a brisk walk to help your liver out. Remember, your liver is like a general. It’s coordinating and telling all the other organs what to do. Gentle movement tends to help your liver get it’s message out.

In Chinese medicine, we say that movement helps to soothe your liver. Exercise can clear your head and help work out your emotions. But, be careful with this one. A gentle walk is far kinder to your liver, than an all out exercise catharsis.

With these three tips and a little bit of sunshine, your Spring is sure to be sweet. See you out there!

~ Kristin