How's Your Rebound Factor?

The other day a colleague of mine asked me, “How are your clients holding up through this cold and flu season?” It took me a minute as I went through my mental file (yes, I have this uncanny way of recording my clients in my mind), and I said “You know, we’ve made it through pretty darn good so far.”

Sure a few of my clients have caught a cold here or there, but I couldn’t think of anyone who had a knock-down, drag-out flu. You know, the kind of flu that I’m talking about. The kind where you’re sick for weeks on end and you just can’t kick it.

Yep, my clients' have built up their “rebound factor”.

pulling hair with frame
pulling hair with frame

Good health isn’t about not getting sick. We’re all going to fall under the weather from time to time. Good health is about your “rebound factor”. It’s when you get sick, but your body is able to bounce back. Colds don’t last as long, they’re not as intense and they certainly don’t come back to haunt you once you’ve finally made it through the woods.

Now, I bet you’re wondering, “What does the rebound factor have to do with hormones?”

One of those hidden little signs of a poor functioning thyroid is your immune system. People with dysfunctional thyroids tend to get sick and stay sick. It can be a serious drag in more ways than one.

You see, all the blood in your body passes through your thyroid every 7 minutes. A super, happy, high-functioning thyroid is able to make use of one potent mineral: iodine. [For those of you who may not know, iodine is a natural antiseptic. Western doctors still use it as a prep agent for most surgeries.]

So here’s how it goes. With all the blood circulating through the thyroid gland every 7 minutes, your body is able to spritz a little antiseptic spray on any bugs, germs, or yucky stuff that may be already trapped in your blood. And iodine is known to kill that stuff on the spot.

Admittedly, there are more ways than one to get a microbe in your system. Often airborne pathogens sneak right in. This is why even those of us in the fittest of conditions will still “go under”. But, rarely do these illnesses just stay locked in your respiratory system.

When an illness goes deeper and starts to affect more of your body, this is when a healthy thyroid makes all the difference in the world. A healthy thyroid will sling that iodine around like it’s no one’s business. It will actually clean and sanitize your blood. But, a sluggish thyroid just can’t mobilize iodine efficiently enough to knock the bug out.

Ever since I started supporting my client’s hormones, this “rebound factor” has gone through the roof. Yes, the people that see me get sick from time to time. But, rarely do they stay sick.

So, now it’s time to take a moment and a deep breath. Every now and again it’s helpful to do a little check-in with yourself. When’s the last time that you got run down and wiped out? Were you in the “really sick” category or were you able to “beat” it? How would you rate your rebound factor?

There’s no need to stay sick and tired. No way, there’s just way too much life out there waiting for us. If you're feeling like your "rebound" needs a "reboot", then it just might be your time to make the leap and say “bye bye” to your hormonal blues.

As always, I want to know. Is your "rebound factor" a boon or a bust? Leave a comment and tell me, how have you bumped up your "rebound factor"?

~ Kristin