Buffalo Cashew Meatballs

Isn't it so easy to compartmentalize our lives? I bet you know what I mean.

Have you ever thought, "I'm good if my kids are nice" or how about, "I'm pretty is I'm skinny." It just doesn't work that way. Our goodness doesn't come from the outside. Our looks are not determined from the surface. Life doesn't glow from the outside in. No way- life flows from the inside out.

And the same is true for our hormones. Our hormones flow when we are "in the flow".

When life gets all wonky and crazy, our hormones tend to follow suit. Have you ever missed your period just because things got a little stressful in your life? Yes, we all have.

This gets a little messy with our fast-paced, goal oriented culture. It's so easy to get swept up and carried away with all of the distractions.

I've got one little tip for you today. Go ahead and slow down today. Do one thing nice for yourself. Give yourself a pedicure, take a brisk walk, or buy yourself some flowers. We tend to miss out on our lives when we get so darn busy. Just take a moment and love yourself up. You'll be less stressed, your hormones will flow easier, and I bet everyone close to you will notice something different.

In an effort to get you started, I'm going to share one of my most favorite recipes. It's time for some Buffalo Cashew Meatballs.

~ Kristin