A Yoga Teacher Training: Your Hormones and Movement

This past week, I travelled to Toronto for this:

9 days of Kaiut Yoga.

Kaiut Yoga is a specific, therapeutic yoga practice. It's not about heavy exercise or feeling a good sweat. It's all about creating deep change in the system: physically, emotionally- and biochemically.

That last bit- the biochemical one- that's the one I want to share with you.

Too often in our hypothyroid world, we women focus on 1 thing;  what our body looks like. There's no denying it. Once the system moves toward hypothyroid, pounds creep up and tone diminishes. As a result, we often go into the I'm-going-to-over-exercise-until-I-look-good mode.

And rarely, does it work.

Instead of rolling back the clock, we tend to add years of exhaustion to the system. Unfortunately, an exhausted system has a hard time repairing itself and getting back on track. [Think adrenal fatigue and the connection with hypothyroid].

Imagine movement being biochemically kind

This would mean that our exercise would enhance our hormones- not stress our hormones.

This would mean that we would think well of ourselves vs. pounding ourselves into the ground.

Whether you do Kaiut Yoga or not- that's not the point. It's how we approach our movement that can either make or break our hormones.

Check out these 3 Tips for Maximizing Your Hormonal Movement

1. Smile- Movement should be fun and it should promote good feelings. If you find yourself working too aggressively- back off, be gentle, be kind.

2. Take a rest- there's nothing wrong with having rest days. In fact- well timed rest days can be even more important than our movement for those of us with a low functioning thyroid.

3. Breathe through your nose- OK, it's not necessarily fun, but breathing through your nose will help you stay in an aerobic state. Generally, an aerobic state is far less stressful for your body, supports the parasympathetic nervous system, and increases all the feel good chemicals in our system. Try breathing through your nose- you'll likely slow down a bit, but I bet you'll feel better after.

Here's to kindness {even when we exercise}-


PS. If you're in the Boulder area and want to explore Kaiut Yoga {I highly recommend it}, check out the Yoga Loft in South Boulder. Say "hi" to Jeff Bailey or Kerry Lewis and tell 'em I sent you. XO