How to be a Groovey Baking Mom

9 times out of 10, when a new client comes to my office the first question ask is, “what else can I do to balance my hormones and support my thyroid?”

My answer: “Decrease sugar.”

Then, they ask, “Uh oh…. What about my kids?”

When it comes to hypothyroidism, blood sugar balance is key to the road to recovery. We can probably get OK results if we don’t concern ourselves with sugar- and if we do focus on minimizing sugar we’ll get the I’ve-gotta-write-home-and-tell-everybody-how-good-I’m-doing results that we all want.

When it comes to kiddos, decreasing sugar can be a parenting battle that we don’t want to explore.

Fact is, kids are growing and require a lot more energy than my middle-aged body- and they like sugar…… a lot.

So how can we respect our health goals and be a groovy mom? Follow these tips when it comes to baking {plus I’ve linked this to one of my favorite recipes for kids and adults}.

1.    Decrease the amount of sugar by half- seriously, it seems like we’d be taking out a lot of sweetness. Most recipes have soooooo much sugar in them, that you can’t even taste the sweetness of the apples, the almond butter or the raisins. If you want to let your food sing, you gotta decrease the sugar.

2.    Use coconut sugar- Out of all the alternative sugars, coconut sugar is by far my fave. It’s sweet, yet it’s not too sweet. I’ll use it as a sugar replacement for white sugar or brown sugar. In my opinion it’s the best.

3.    Use high quality fat- fat goes a long way in maintaining blood sugar levels especially when the sweet stuff is concerned. Always use butter or coconut oil when baking. You can use butter 1 for 1 as a replacement for vegetable oil- just make sure to melt it before adding it to your recipe.

If you want a recipe that’s already good to go for you and your kids, try this one. These are my absolute favorite nut butter bars {can you say yummmmmm?!}.