Because it's my birthday (... and it'll help you feel good too!)

Yesssss! Today is my birthday.
(If you don’t already know, I absolutely heart birthdays.)

This year, I told my family not to buy me presents.

Not because I’m a do-gooder and I don’t want to be acknowledged. I told them “no presents” because I asked them to do (at least) one act of kindness to someone who needs a lift in their day.

We’re going to report back at dinner to reflect on how little gestures can add up quick and make a big difference.

I’d love for you to join in my birthday fun.

There’s side benefits too.  I bet most of us have noticed that when we help others, we get a little lift too. Every time we do something generous, our body releases feel good hormones- like oxytocin- that help us relax. Oxytocin is know to reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol levels [which is a good thing].

So, if you’ve been feeling down, or you notice that your energy is a little off- hop on my birthday wagon and do something sweet for someone just because you can.

Share the love, spread the kindness~