How to Save Your Hormones from Halloween


I love Halloween. Seeing people out of their element, dressed up and displaying their creativity is fascinating to me. And, like many of us out there- I’m always surprised at the amount of candy that shows up at my house.

Now- if you’re hormonally savvy,and you’ve been watching my blog, you know that sugar is likely the #1 anti-nutrition factor to throw your hormones for a loop. What’s a gal to do with all that Halloween stash?

Here’s my fool-proof plan to handling the after-Halloween-candy-fright-fest (FYI- you can use this plan all the way through the holiday season).

Step 1: If you really want the candy, have the candy. I know it sounds crazy, but here’s the deal. When you really want something and you deprive yourself from that very thing, then you create a “charge” around it. In some ways, you touch back into the whole good girl/bad girl syndrome- and eating the candy comes more from an emotional place than anything else.

Step 2: If you choose to eat the candy, enjoy every single bite. Don’t waste time by beating yourself up or getting hard on yourself, enjoy each and every bite. Feel how it brings you back in time- notice the smell, the taste, the sensations.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished- let it go. Fully check in with yourself and see if you want another piece. Make a conscious choice here- acknowledge your body and give yourself permission.

Once you’ve gone through this process as many times as you need to- love yourself up and know that you can get back on your clean-eating-hormonal plan the next day. If you’re finding it's hard to get back on track, then make sure to choose more protein (like eggs, chicken, fish) and bitter vegetables (like radish, arugula, kale)  to help cleanse your palette and balance out the sweet.

Here’s to honoring the kid in all of us- hope you had a Happy Halloween

PS. If you think this message would help a friend, please pass it along.