The Number One Reason to be Proactive

True story.

A client who I’ve been working with over the last 5 years came into my office the other day.

[Here's a little background for you: At this point, we get together once every 4-6 weeks. So, it’s not like she’s dumping a ton of time and money into my method. She’s mastered my hormonal balancing program and sees me for general support.]

She laid on the treatment table with a grin and said, “I’ve got to say Kristin. A lot of women in my life are going through menopause, and I have to thank you.”

She continued her story and told me about the hot flashes, the weight gain, and the mood swings that her friends are experiencing with the onset on menopause.

Because this client started with me a few years before starting menopause, her experience has been quite different.

Menopause has been a breeze for her. She’s only had a handful of hotflashes, she’s barely gained any weight, sleeps through the night and has cultivated healthy habits moving forward so that she can better take care of herself.

What's the lesson here?

It pays to be proactive and take care of your hormones before menopause hits.

If you’re ready to get a head start on things, here are 3 easy ways that you can be proactive for your hormones.

1.    Eat lots of veggies- A balanced diet is a must for healthy hormones. Lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates will get you a long way- but in my experience, most people are missing veggies. Eat more- they’re reasonably priced with virtually no negatives and a load of healthy positives.

2.    Decrease sugar- The number one way to better your hormones is to decrease inflammation. Decrease sugar consumption (in the form of refined sugars like cakes and cookies, fruit and alcohol). Less sugar = less inflammation = better hormones. Plus- you’ll likely take off a pound or two.

3.    Supplement with whole food concentrates- Supporting the glands will get you further faster on your hormonal goals. Ditch hormonal supplements and choose whole food concentrates. If you want more information on this one send me a direct e-mail so I can help you support your hormones better. Click here for my contact information.

Here’s to healthy hormones (because hormones make a big difference)~