Hormones vs. Glands

I’ve been thinking about you.

Since my big move out to the country, I haven’t written to you nearly as much as I would like, but believe me, I’ve been thinking ‘bout you.

I’ve been mulling over the challenges of helping people- like you- who have hormonal imbalances and thyroid issues.

One of the biggest mistakes when working with the thyroid gland and hormones in general is that most practitioners supplement at the hormonal level.

With research, you’ll find this “supplement-the-hormone” theory all over the place. From alternative health care providers to major magazines, most of the advice out there is supplement hormones.

The theory seems logical and it goes something like this: If there’s a hormonal imbalance like low pregesterone then supplementing that hormones must be the answer. However, the supplement the hormones reality doesn’t necessarily work for two reasons:

#1: There are hundreds of hormones in your body and they all work on a feedback loop.  If we go ahead and supplement one hormone directly {let’s say we give your system progesterone} what the heck is happening to all the others? It’s impossible to track let alone predict.

#2: Our bodies are lazy. Once you start supplementing hormones, your body isn’t going to want to make ‘em. Simple truth bomb. It doesn’t matter if those hormones are chemically manufactured or if they come from plants. If your supplement hormones, you’re going to have to be on those supplements for a loooong time.

Even though it's talked about all over the place, supplementing on the hormonal level is not necessarily the best way to go.

What’s a gal to do?

To have hormonal success, supporting the glands can make all the difference in the world.

The endocrine glands are specialized tissues in the body that coordinate to manufacture hormones.  Healthy glands = healthy hormones.

When the glands [thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and ovaries] are functioning at their best, then you have a higher chance of making the perfect amount of those hundred hormones for your system. Why be satisfied with one or two when you really could affect 60, 70 or 80.

Take Sara [name changed upon request] for instance.

Sara first came to see me about 6 weeks ago.

She’s had a regular period all her life, but recently her cycle is starting to get a little wonky. Sometimes her period comes late, sometimes it’s early, and one month she skipped it all together. She’s tried every kind of diet out there, increased her exercise and she can not shed a pound.

She has gotten zero results on the bio-identical hormones is frustrated to say the least.

After visiting with Sara, I got her going on a few whole food concentrates that support her endocrine glands. We made 1 lifestyle change [eat a warm breakfast], and lo and behold she’s already doing better.

She’s dropped 6 pounds and she’s feeling better than ever. She is still experiencing some heat, so we’ve got a little more work to do, but she is heading in a far better direction.

Sara’s story reminds us: It’s not about the hormone, it’s all about the glands.

Here’s the catch though.

It’s really easy to get our hands on supplements that feed at the hormonal level. There’s a ton of marketing around them, and to put it frankly- it’s easy for those companies to make a buck because there’s been this hormonal story floating around for years.

At the same time, it’s really hard to get high quality supplements that support the glandular system. They’re challenging to manufacture and companies can’t quite make as much moolah.

Over the past 9 months, I’ve really been thinking a lot about this lack-of-access conundrum.

So, I started working with a team of people to help you (only the folks who really want to learn how to heal their thyroid and balance their hormones) be able to purchase reasonably-priced, whole food concentrates that work. Yep….I’ve opened up my private pharmacy for people who ready for hormonal freedom.

If you’re new to this work (ie. you’re not currently a client of mine) and you’re interested in learning more about whole food concentrates, click here to schedule a session and I’ll get you connected with my private pharmacy.

If you’re already a client and you still want instant access to my on-line pharmacy, then leave me a message here and I’ll get you on the list. Listen, I’ve always believed that good health shouldn’t be some complicated formula or crazy secret. Being our best and having vibrant health should be something that we all can have. Now what I’ve found out over the years, is that supporting our hormones (by loving on the glands) is the easiest way to get us where we want to be.

Here’s to happy hormones [and healthy glands!]