How to Exercise For A Hormonal Win: Go for the Glow

Exercise: We know we need it, and generally it feels good, but how much is too much?

In my clinic, I see women with thyroid and hormonal issues. And usually, these ladies would like to lose a couple of pounds, so they tend to turn towards vigorous exercise.

It gets a little tricky though when we start talking about movement.

You see, most of us love Western, cardio focused exercise. It feels good to get the blood pumping and feel like we’ve worked hard. It’s a great stress relief especially to our busy days. And it seems like it’s the perfect weight loss solution.

Now, I’ll be the last one to tell you to drop your running, biking or swimming- but I might be the first to tell you to tone it down.

Here’s the deal.

In Chinese medicine your fluids are precious. Even your sweat is precious. Sweating too much drains valuable minerals and can be depleting for your system. 

Those of us with thyroid issues do not want to deplete our systems any further.

The sweat-it out, pound-it-till-we-drop, grunt and groan kind of exercise is likely too much to be able to maintain healthy hormones for a gal with hypothyroid.

Bottom line: we want to glow from our exercise.

Go for the kind of exercise where you’re working out and having fun, but you’re not drenched with sweat afterward.

Check for these 3 signs to know that your movment hasn’t gone overboard:

1.    Your sweat should glow not glisten. After exercise, it’s ok to feel a little damp, not drenched. Sweating too much will leach minerals from the system. And minerals make every, single chemical reaction in your sweet bod go. If you want to improve metabolism, you need minerals.
2.    Carry on a conversation. You’ll know you’re exercising at the perfect pace if you can still carry on a conversation. Likely this pace will keep your workout at an aerobic level which is known to be more toning for your endocrine system [the system that makes your hormones].
3.    Breathe through your nose. If in doubt, focus on breathing through your nose. If you can breathe through your nose, then your exercise pace will not go over the edge. 

Here’s to having fun out there. Now, let’s go for the glow!