Flying Home and a Hormonal Nugget

This week, I’m headed home.

To pay tribute to this guy:

My dad.

My dad passed away a few months ago. I’ve been hemming and hawing whether I should make this post public. Now that enough time has passed, it feels ok.

My family is coming together this week to celebrate Dad.

He’s the one who gave us life, a roof over our heads and plenty to chuckle over. He was a charismatic spirit, a family man, and a hard worker (a seriously hard worker).

But even in his times of hard work, Dad always said,

“Stop and smell the roses.”

He definitely didn’t know it at the time, but he was handing over one big hormonal nugget to me.

It’s great to work hard.

It’s great to feel accomplished and get something done.

And it is equally important to take a break, to rest, to sit back and admire your accomplishments.

Hormonally speaking, taking the rest and smelling the roses can be even more beneficial than all the new fangled supplements and complicated treatment protocols.

In honor of Dad- let’s take a little time to slow down and take care. Let’s look at our accomplishments, let’s smile on life, and maybe put our feet up for a bit.

With love, here’s to you Dad~