A Hot Gelatin Drink (update)

Originally, I wrote this post to help you grow thicker, stronger hair and have wrinkle –free skin.

While my favorite, hot drink still works to improve hair and skin, I’ve made a few updates to help you get even better results.

The real magic behind this drink is the gelatin.

Gelatin is literally a SUPERFOOD for us low-thyroid types. It’s made from the processing of animal connective tissue and bones to extract collagen [think bone broth in a can]. To top it off, gelatin is loaded with 18 amino acids, many of which are essential- meaning that your body doesn’t make ‘em, so you’ve got to eat ‘em.

Gelatin has a laundry list of benefits, and some are particularly important for us low-thyroid types. Take a look:

1. Revs Metabolism: Gelatin is particularly high in Arginine and Glycine. Arginine is known to have a metabolism boosting effect, and Glycine has two advantages. First, Glycine helps build muscle and second, glycine converts glucose to energy rather than fat.

2. Strengthens Connective Tissue: Gelatin is essentially cooked down collagen. After the age of 25, our bodies just don’t make connective tissue as effectively as it used to. Gelatin actually stimulates your body to produce more collagen. This is vital for those of us moms over 25 with kids in tow. Gelatin will help tone the skin (and the tummy) by building stronger connective tissue.

3. Detoxifies the Liver: Glycine helps the liver to efficiently remove toxins from the system. This is key for low thyroid types as the liver plays an important role in the conversion of thyroid hormones.

4. Improves Sleep: Clinical studies show that people sleep better when consuming glycine. They report less daytime drowsiness and better cognitive function. Quality sleep is vital to rebuild the adrenals and have a healthy thyroid. I’ve written about the adrenal/thyroid connection before. If you’re looking for more quality rest, check out my most popular article to date right here.

Here’s the step-by-step on how to make this Dandy Drink:

1 TBSP Dandy Blend Tea
1 TBSP Gelatin
1 TBSP Butter
pinch of Cinnamon
1 Egg (optional)
Coconut Milk or milk of your choice (optional)

1.    In a blender, add dandy blend tea, gelatin, butter and egg. [The egg will get cooked when you add the hot water. If I’m having this drink for breakfast, I always have the egg. If I’m having the drink as a dessert after dinner, I usually skip the butter and the egg.]
2.    Add 2 TBSP of cool water to cover the gelatin. Blend quickly just to reconstitute the gelatin powder.
3.    Add 8-10 ounces of hot, hot water. Blend on high.
4.    Pour drink into a glass or mason jar, add milk of your choice. And sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Here's to a hot drink that does your hormones good~