Never Underestimate the 5 Degree Difference

compass 5 degree.png

Often women will end up at my office with this feeling that they want a total do-over.

“My hair is falling out- and it feels like it’ll never come back.”

“I’m gaining weight- and I’ll probably never be sexy again.”

“I’m exhausted- and it’s just going to get worse.”

They feel that they have to take drastic measures and completely change themselves or the whole kit and kaboodle will head south.

Sure, change can be helpful.  Yet, in my 15 year experience of working with women with hormonal imbalances and sluggish thyroids, drastic change rarely lasts.

Truly, it’s all about the 5 Degree Difference. 

The 5 Degree Difference takes advantage of making little steps.
There is no need to do a drastic 180 Degree turnaround, when all we really need to do is make little tweaks here and there.

Here are 4 Seriously Small Tweaks that can add up to a big hormonal difference:

1.    Eat a Warm Breakfast: give your thyroid a helping hand in the morning and have a warm breakfast. Your thyroid will have less to do if your first meal of the day is warm.

2.    Park Further from the Store: Movement is key for healthy hormones. I’m not talking about beat-em-up, sweat-em-out exercise. Over exercise can be too draining on the thyroid. I’m talking feel-the-sunshine-on-my-face movement. Walking and gentle stretching can help smooth out hormones and get you where you want to go faster.

3.    Use an eye pillow or an eye cover for sleep: With all the light stimulation it’s hard for our pituitary (a major endocrine gland that makes our hormones) to get the rest it needs. An eye pillow or cover will darken up the room and give your pituitary the break it needs.

4.    Adopt a PMA: PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. Short and sweet, attitude is everything. 

Rarely, does anyone need a total overhaul. 
Most of us only need to make a few shifts, here and there, to clear up our hormonal blues.

Here’s to baby steps and 5 Degrees~