Sole Water: a Hormonal Helper

Years ago, my hubby trained me to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.
I loved his simple health trick to rehydrate and do something supportive for my body before the day took off.

Just recently, I started giving that water an extra boost [note: a long time client tipped me off on this one.]

It’s called Sole Water (pronounced so-lay).

Sole Water is an enhanced water solution made from mineral rich natural sea salt (I use Himalayan Pink Salt), and it is quite lovely for a hormonal boost. Here’s why:

1.    Sole Water is Mineral Rich: meaning it’s loaded with chromium, iodine, zinc and sulfur- all of which are big supporters of the endocrine glands. Minerals are the spark plugs of the body and help to initiate most chemical reactions. The minerals in Sole Water can give a sluggish endocrine system a bit of a boost when making hormones.
2.    Salt Can Help You Sleep: minerals are known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. When we get our sleep, our entire body has the chance to regulate. Better sleep = happy hormones.
3.    Salt Improves Detoxification: Minerals, minerals, minerals. The key to Sole Water is all in the minerals. Sole, being a mineral rich water, can help the body in its natural detoxification process. As a side benefit- salt is also a natural antibiotic and can help improve gut health (hint, hint: Sole Water could be the perfect remedy for folks with sluggish digestion, poor absorption, or even candida).

How to make your Sole Solution and Sole Water:

1.    I order my Himilayan rock salt right here: I have celtic sea salt at home, which you can use, but I really loved the idea of using these big hunks of salt crystals. Plus, the $15 investment will likely last about 5 years.
2.    Add 1-2 crystals to your glass jar. Fill the jar to the top with filtered water.
3.    Cap with a plastic lid.  Note: Sole solution should not touch metal. Let it stand for 24 hours.
4.    Within a 24 hour period, the water will absorb as much salt as it can. If the salt rock is completely dissolved, then add another piece of rock salt. If there is still a bit of rock salt in the bottom of the jar, then your Sole solution is fully saturated and complete.
5.    To make your Sole Water: Fill a glass with warm water. Now add 1-2 tsp of Sole solution  (that’s the salt water in your jar) to your glass of warm water. You’ll know by your taste buds if you’d like more or less sole solution in your water. Start with less and add more if necessary. This is the Sole water- loaded with minerals to give your body a bit of a liquid boost in the morning.

I absolutely love Sole Water for one big's water! We're so used to taking pills and supplements to help our system along, that it's refreshing when we can find a simple liquid solution that can help our body in so many ways.

Here’s to mineral rich Sole Water and a great start to the morning~