Kristin Savory, L.A.C.  Thyroid Therapist

Kristin Savory, L.A.C.
Thyroid Therapist

Hi There! My name is Kristin and I started studying natural healing therapies over 20 years ago as a way to deal with my own hormonal imbalance that was occurring at the time. The change that happened to me as a result sparked a life-long journey into the art of hormonal therapy.

After attending acupuncture school, I was able to combine the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with whole food concentrates of the modern world. This really helped me to not only crack the code of my “hormonal maze,” but to help many other women as well. I love that moment when someone finally feels like they have regained the balance and clarity they are seeking within their own bodies, and am humbled that I can help.

Now in my 40’s with a family of my own, my health and my hormones are better than ever. Instead of teaching others popular media hypes, fad diets, and nutritional myths that are easy to buy into, I want to share with you the organic methods that have completely changed my life and the lives of hundreds of other women just like you.

If you are looking to have more energy, regain a stronger foundation, or possibly even lose a few pounds, I would love to give you a helping hand to reclaim balance with your hormones!