When I first came to see Kristin, I had several thyroid nodules and I was out-of-control anxious. Less than a year into Kristin’s program, my nodules have shrunk, my bloodwork is normal, and most importantly, I feel like me again. I’m living proof that Kristin knows her stuff.
— Valerie W, mom of 2 grown kids and Senior Staff Geologist
In 8 short months, I lost 25 pounds, my TSH stabilized at 1.04, my cholesterol levels dropped from 220 to 180, and my hormone levels were 100% perfect! I am convinced that I am adding years onto my life thanks to Kristin.
— Nancy B, proud momma of 3 sweet girls and Director of Human Resources
When I first came to see Kristin, my thyroid was a mess. I thought I was doing everything right and had tried everything, but I was still holding on to weight and feeling so frustrated. With a very do-able shift in my diet and whole food concentrates, I’ve seen a major turn around. In less than 4 weeks, I’ve taken off 7 pounds! I was feeling so lost and burdened with my thyroid health and now, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Kristin!
— Erica S, Fitness Specialist