Fermented Ginger Carrots

There is a big connection between digestion and thyroid issues.

If digestion is efficient, then there is less metabolic output by the thyroid. If digestion is sluggish or ineffective, then the thyroid gland will have to work harder to maintain homeostasis [the zone that your body likes to be in].

I love recommending fermented vegetables is because they are known to:
-    increase digestion in the stomach: this takes a lot of pressure off the liver and the thyroid
-    boost good bacteria: ferments are known to be more effective than probiotics (and a heck of a lot cheaper)
-    stimulate the bowels for regular movements

Ferments might sound strange or seem intimidating, but these veggies are super easy to make in advance and enhance the taste of just about anything.

My kiddos love fermented ginger carrots. They’re sweet with a little sour zing that my family loves. Plus they’re an easy ferment to start experimenting with.

Fermented Ginger Carrots

8 carrots peeled
3 inches of ginger peeled
¾ tablespoon of salt
1 cup water

1.    Place carrots and ginger in the food processor. Grate.
2.    Layer the carrots and ginger in a quart sized ball jar.
3.    Mix salt and water in a measuring cup.
4.    Add just enough of the salt solution to cover the carrots.
5.    Leave on the counter with a kitchen towel or cloth napkin over the top. Let it sit and ferment on the counter for 2-3 days or until desired tanginess. Once desired sourness is obtained, store carrots in the fridge.
6.    Carrots should last in the fridge for 3-4 months. Serve as a condiment or mix with salads, great tossed in soups or all by themselves.

*If a white film (this is referred to as a bloom- and is evidence of fermentation) builds on top of the carrots, just scoop off and remove. Refrigerate.